Radical SUP conditions ... so you "get down" your body lowers and hands slide down the paddle shaft. Instinctively, your cadence quickens with the shortened paddle, but dang...no grip for the top hand so I've lost that power and blade control.

Choke SUP HoldTM solves this with a simple, peel and stick accessory handle that fits the palm of your top-hand when you choke-up (actually, choke-down on paddle.) It's "out of the way," for a good hand switch and there when you need it, on the fly. Three years in development, Choke-HoldTM is the original SUP accessory handle.

Having a Choke SUP HoldTM is like having a second gear on a bike, experience less fatigue when you shift down. Like having two paddles in one!

The recent trend in paddle length is to go shorter, but this can lead to a sore back. Before you shorten your expensive paddle, add a Choke SUP HoldTM at the lower position. This will be your "full race" position and your original T-top is still intact to cruise and give your back a break.

Order one today, youĂ­ll be glad you did.

Install 6" to 7" below the T-top. Once you peel and stick it to the shaft it's super-stuck, but still removable.

Best times to "choke-up":

  • Upwind or against the current
  • Rough Water
  • Pivot turns
  • Sprinting or drafting
  • Riding a wave
  • Catching a wave

VIDEO 1: How to switch sides when paddling

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VIDEO 2: How to apply Hold to paddle

SUP Choke Hold: How To Apply Hold to Paddle

VIDEO 3: How to remove Hold

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